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Whatever your vision, we’ll work closely with you to meet your budget requirements and build a dream home you’ll absolutely never want to leave.

Whether you’re looking to build a new home, extend or renovate your existing home or simply add a beautiful new outdoor entertaining area we’re here to help you achieve your building dreams no matter how big or small the project you have in mind.


At Tom Ryan Builders we’ve developed invaluable relationships with our network of designers, architects, engineers and suppliers over the years and work with them to develop meticulously sound structural designs and cost effective, yet high quality solutions for our client’s projects.


We build it all, from low set, split level or two storey homes of all shapes and sizes across a variety of traditional and contemporary designs.


We take every aspect of your project into careful consideration when building your dream home.


Privacy, natural airflow, sun exposure, seasonal weather and available views or outlooks are all considered when we build your home to ensure we take the best advantage of all the opportunities your home and land presents.


Restoring Queenslanders to their traditional classic heritage or updating them with modern, contemporary finishes to suit todays lifestyle is a heart-felt passion for us at Tom Ryan Builders.


We’ve lovingly restored many a Queenslander to its former glory, sourcing and using only the best-matched heritage features and finishes to ensure these Australian icons remain as such for generations to come.


Our passion for and experience in Queenslander renovations has also given us the knowledge and skills to seamlessly modernize these beautiful Australian icons without compromising the original design and “lifestyle” that is characteristic of this style of home.


We’re familiar with all styles of home design from Modern Contemporary, to Californian Bungalow, Queenslanders, Workers Cottages, Federation, Colonial and many more.


We’ve worked closely with various clients over the past three decades to tenderly restore their homes to their original splendor of eras past as well as refurbish and modernize homes to bring them into the 21st century.


Building or renovating on small, narrow or sloping blocks can be difficult but Tom Ryan Builders has the right team with the right skills and knowledge to find the right solutions to minimise any difficulties.


No matter the issue i.e. steep access, dense vegetation, fall of land or narrow access we’re able to draw on our expertise and industry contacts to arrange traffic management control, block clearing, or the use of cranes and other machinery to deliver/remove materials if required.


Main Bathrooms, Powder Rooms and Ensuites should be a tranquil escape offering privacy and solitude from the often busy and hectic home lives we lead.


They can often be a costly room to renovate or repair, but with careful planning and a well-managed building process we can help you reclaim your private oasis within your set budget requirements and give you a room you’ll be making excuses to get away too.


The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. It’s the place that holds great memories of family cooked meals and cheerful conversations with our friends and loved ones.


With a number of exceptional cabinet makers and suppliers we can turn your ordinary kitchen into something extra-ordinary for you and family to enjoy together day in and day out.


Our industry contacts can assist in the design and layout as well as the selection of fixtures and fittings to ensure kitchen meets the style and quality you’ve envisioned for this space.

OUTDOOR AREAS (Decks, Patios & Landscaping)

What better way to take advantage of the wonderful warm sunshine we experience throughout the year than with a beautiful outdoor area or landscaped garden.


Carefully planned and well-built outdoor features can add substantial value to any home not to mention enhance your existing outdoor lifestyle in Brisbane’s beautiful climate.


Whether it’s a deck to catch the summer breeze while unwinding on a lounger, a patio to host a BBQ, or a beautiful garden to enjoy all that nature has to offer we can transform any outdoor area into an idyllic space for you and your family. 


Tom Ryan Builders understands that the Brisbane weather can also be harsh and unpredictable so we use only the best materials to ensure longevity and minimise weathering over time.


We also appreciate that these harsh conditions can mean garden maintenance can be difficult and time consuming, so we aim to design and deliver cost effective solutions for our clients that are low-maintenance and weather hardy all year round.

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