We've been building quality homes for generations.

It's in our blood.

Building has been a passion passed down from generation to generation in the Ryan family, with its roots dating back to the early 1930’s. 


With a grandfather, two uncles and an older brother in the building business, Lead Builder Tom Ryan knew from an early age that carpentry was where his dreams and aspirations lay. 


His school holidays were spent onsite with his brother, watching and learning, absorbing every detail of building he could. So pursuing a carpentry apprenticeship upon completing his schooling seemed only the most natural progression.


Working towards his apprenticeship during the day and studying his Advanced Building Certificate at night, Tom had soon completed his training and qualified as a Carpentry Tradesman.


By the age of 22, he had completed a Business Management & Accounting certificate and was running his own business. Within 12 months he had expanded his business, employing additional trades and apprentices in order to meet the demands of his growing client base.


Tom’s naturally strong business acumen and passion for the building industry has seen him surround himself with a team of like-minded, hardworking people. With all team members having been personally trained by Tom, who believes in finding good young people, recognising their skills and talents and then helping them to develop these further. 


In 2016, Tom welcomed a new generation of builder to the business, partnering with long term employee Greg Watson. Their combined wealth of industry experience, skills and knowledge along with their desire for quality craftsmanship and commitment to building prestige homes will no doubt ensure that Tom Ryan Builders continues to see unprecedented success for generations to come.